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This is our most popular tour, and, the new #1 tour experience in Scottsdale! We are the ONLY tour company in Arizona that’s worked directly with the Scottsdale Historical Society in order to ensure that we not only have the most accurate, but also the most engaging and immersive, content and tour experience available! In fact, we start our tours out on the Historic 5th Ave. We thoroughly cover the Old Town District, the Little Red Schoolhouse (which is the museum for the Scottsdale Historical Society) and a key piece of history for the Old Town area, the Arts & Museum District as well as the Waterfront area, making a number of stops along the way, for some great photo ops. Combine all of that with the magic of the interactive Rydables experience and you’ve got the most memorable and fun tour experience available! It’s like getting two-for-the-price-of-one! We’ll travel through the historic Old Town shops & restaurant district, over through the gallery and arts district then through the modern waterfront area seeing sights all along the way and back, as well..over 45, to be exact. You’ll see more and learn more about Old Town Scottsdale than with any of “the other guys”…AND, have WAY more fun doing it, to boot. So, saddle up, Pardner, and let’s get ready to ride!

ONLY $69.00 for this action-packed Rydables adventure!
(Passport to Savings to save you hundreds of dollars in Downtown Scottsdale.)

We only take one quick break vs. 30 minutes with the “other guys.”
Bottled water & walkies talkies included. (Helmets available, if desired.)
2 tour guides for tours with more than 6 riders.
90-minute non-stop adventure!
More than 35 points of interest.

Approximately 5.5 miles in length. Guaranteed to ride further (more comfortably, safer, and a lot more fun) than our competitor’s Old Town tours!

Important, Remember to:
Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather on the day of your RYDABLES Tour. FREE bottle water is provided.

FAQs for Rydables


First and foremost, RYDABLES are SAFE!! In fact, they classify as an ADA-compliant mobility scooter. (Fun Fact: And as such, they pass all TSA inspections and are protected under Federal regulations. They even fly on airline flights for free!)

Safety features:

All carts feature electromagnetic braking that automatically engages when the throttle is released (squeeze to go, let go to stop…simple).

All carts have an anti-roll, hill-lock feature to prevent unwanted rolling when stopped on an incline or decline.

All carts are 2-wheel drive with suspension incorporated at all 4 wheTheir top speed can be both manually and/or electronically governed, based on the rider and/or the venue.

Rydables incorporates GPS tracking and includes geofencing capabilities allowing us to track and predetermine where they can and can’t travel.


They hold up to 325 and 350 lbs, depending on which of the 2 models are used.


They can travel up to 4.25 mph or 7.5 mph (depending on which model) which is pretty fast when you’re riding a rhinoceros down the sidewalk! Their top speeds can be both manually and/or electronically governed, based on the needs of the rider and/or the venue.


No, Rydables are not just for kids. Rydables are a very unique product in that they truly have universal appeal. While they are great for kids, more than half of our customers are over 18! We do a lot of events that are for adults 21 and older, such as beer and wine festivals, Oktoberfests, Seniors Gone Wild nights at 55+ communities, etc…They’re a big hit for all ages and the kid in all of us.


They’re simple enough to operate that we have riders as young as 3 years old that can handle Rydables on their own. (It’s an “ability thing” as opposed to an “age thing”!) However with this guided tour ages 12 and up are able to drive a Rydable. Ages 11 and younger would need to ride with a parent or guardian. Age requirements are set by the venue and may vary.

90 Minute Guided "Now You've Seen It All" Tour of Old Town Scottsdale
Adult (Ages 12+): $69.00
Child (ages 2-11) $29.95
Toddler (Ages under 2): Free

90 Minutes

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